The Cube

Year2022ExhibitionsNew York (2022)
Venice (2022)
Zürich (2022)

The Castello Cube is a conceptual work of art in all its facets. The idea manifests itself in the golden cube - the most elemen- tary geometric shape - whose image is nevertheless impossible to grasp.Castello‘s thought to let the Cube always stand alone and with direct connection to the earth carries the essential meaning.With the Castello Cube, artist Niclas Castello has managed to develop a new, incomparable kind of fascination for the shining precious metal and inspires people, art lovers as well as critics not only with the impressive appearance, but also with its unique manufacturing process, the extraordinary philoso- phical meaning and its unsaleability.The gold cube, cast from the purest gold that can be produced today, with exact razor-sharp edges and 0,248inch wall thick- ness, thus opens up a new space for discourse.
"The Castello CUBE will never be sold or owned. The artist will make no money from the work. This might make it that special thing: Something to be di- splayed and pointed at as the locus of things intrinsic to art."- Pulitzer Prize Winner Jerry Saltz
"It is the melted down Golden Calf reduced to its most elemental form and transformed into the pedestal of our globe."- Dr. Dieter Burchhart
While no one in history had ever incorporated such a large amount of 24 carat 999.9 gold into a work of art, Castello managed to turn his groundbreaking vision into reality in January 2022, despite highly complex work processes that he had never gone through before.

New York

Castello Cube is never to be displayed on a pedestal, and only on the ground, and here, in public. The idea of this much gold, in this place, sitting on the ground, looking defenseless, smaller than we might think, works a strange magic on us.
Castello Cube wants to have a double presence: It wants to be an art object in itself, and, at the same time, an art object that makes us ask what art is.
Gold reminds us that Earth is filled with resources, but some are far fewer than all the rest. Scarcity is its own category of seduction. Gold is a language, a system of communication. We may love it, lust it, or deride it, but Midas has already touched us all. No one is blind to gold’s peculiar, enchanting power.