Born to be alive

Year2023ExhibitionsHagen, Germany (2023)

From September 17thTo November 19th

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    The exhibition is called: BORN TO BE ALIVE
    Born to be alive means that every living being, from the moment of its birth, has the right to be alive and has the right to life. The title and the architectural design of the exhibition are intended to make people reflect on nature’s right the basic need of existence, to be alive:
    Nature is what gives us life and what keeps us alive, so human beings have an obligation to care for it.

    ‘Born to be Alive’ represents an experience that we all share as human beings: the connection with nature is something innate in every person, in which allows for a close correlation to nature in our own way. It is clear that our planet needs help, we cannot keep ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away. The exhibition design portraits a hospital where the real patient is nature, we keep exploiting all of our resources, acting as if its supply is endless, and the harsh reality is that it isn’t. We spent two whole years in a pandemic that forced us to stay home, to keep our distance from the people we love, taking care of those who needed it. This time showed us that we need to slow down: in a world that’s constantly running at top speed, we barely have time to learn how to properly breathe. Nature, on the other hand, has its own rhythmic cycle – in which if interrupted causes a down-spiral domino effect, and we need not only to respect, but also to cherish and administer nurturing practices.

    Art needs to speak up against climate change and I feel it’s my responsibility as an artist to open up a dialogue about nature’s exploitation. I hope my art inspires people to step in and start generating positive approaches, to advance the future generations in efforts of a better planet.

    It’s time to take action.